Practice immediately let it go

"Susan, let it go, you’re better than this, don’t live in this low level."
"Susan, let it go, this is a new day."
"Susan, let it go, store up your gift, store up your talent, store up your dreams, life is too short to be pulled down by negative, jealous, cynical people, find somebody to cheer you up, you have to sourround yourself to people encourage you, people that build you up."
本篇發表於 蘇姍的三言兩語。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

3 Responses to Practice immediately let it go

  1. 佳樺 說道:

    Do not forget our only work is to serve God and please God.  We won\’t be affected by others and I think you always can find brothers and sisters in the church to encourage each other.  Even we are suffered bad things from evil, God is still in control.  Trust him, follow him and pray……

  2. 蘇姍 說道:

    Thanks a lot, your words remind me of more important things and encourage me a lot. I\’ll keep on trusting in God and praying.

  3. 小Q 說道:

    Susan, let it go, you\’re the better in my heart!!


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